Fall Decor and My Thoughts

I’m finally getting to putting up my fall decor.

Yes, I said it. Finally!

As I was opening up the tucker totes we brought back from my in-laws (we are currently spread out with our belongings with the small apartment we are in) I was filled with so much excitement!!

(Yup, I’m that typical girl when it turns pumpkin season. I’m not ashamed to admit it. 🤣)

Unwrapping each piece from its plastic bags and paper that kept it safe the whole year of storing. It’s like Christmas morning for me!

I have collected and created many decor pieces over the years just for this season. I love looking at each piece and being reminded of what I learned in each craft. And for each piece I didn’t make I just love the excitement I have for pumpkins that is brought to the surface.

I unwrapped a metal pumpkin tea candle holder that still had a tag on it (I used to buy for my future home when things were on sale). This year I have longed for my own home more than any other year of my life. At the beginning of the year, my husband and I started the process of finding that special place to call home. A place to make our own.

But God has had different plans for us. Those plans included moving but not to a home we bought, but a smaller apartment.

More waiting.

I’ve waited a lot and for a lot of things and I just didn’t want to anymore (still have moments of not wanting to). So when events happened that lead (and is still leading) us through more waiting, in the moment of opening that pumpkin with tags still on it I had an overwhelming moment of “This is your current home use these now. Stop hiding them in a container for future.” So those thoughts brought about determination to use every piece I have for this season.

This is at 5 o’clock in the morning on a Sunday mind you. Micah and the kids are sleeping. The decorating was attempted quietly and thankfully I didn’t wake them.

I took those tags off and it was one of the first pieces to be placed around our little apartment, our home right now.

I used to make excuses like not enough shelving or wall space or I’ll enjoy it when I own a home, but not this year!

It happened! I’m enjoying the pieces I have now.

We wanted to be out of this apartment and owning in six months. I know big goal, but we were hopeful. When it started looking like it wasn’t going to be that way, I realized this place needs to feel like home until it is the time God opens up that door. Through reading Designed to Last by Ashley and Dino Pettrone and The Life Giving Home: Creating a Place of Belonging and Becoming by Sally Clarkston, I realized I haven’t really lived in the moment. I’ve mostly lived in the future when it comes to home life. I’ll do this for my future home. I’ll use this for my future home. I’d like to do this or try this when I have a home. Rather than being present and creating that space right now.

I’ve slowly been trying to do those things I’ve silently said I’d do in the future. I’m slowly trying to create that space, a home that feels like us. And this is the first time it’s really settled in for me.

Here’s to creating joy in the moment, in the in between.

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