Easy Pumpkin Decor

Hello! Hello! It’s the season for pumpkins! My favorite time to decorate and create!

It’s sadly been awhile since I’ve created some thing. The Summer was beautifully busy. My brain space was full (it’s me, I’m the problem. Over-thinker and stresser here). I just didn’t have the energy to put the effort in to thinking about creating even though I know it gives me life to create and craft. I attempted on a couple of occasions and I didn’t get anywhere. Besides feeling overwhelmed.

But! A leaf has been turned.

It started when Leia mentioned she wanted to print Minecraft pictures off at school and put them on her computer. I thought well I could look at some free svgs online and make stickers with the Cricut. I found some and in my excitement I didn’t pay attention to sizing. Well, I made a huge creeper sticker. I couldn’t just throw it away so I found a way to use it. Creating a wall decoration for the kids room.

Now you might be thinking what does this have to do with fall and pumpkin decor?! That Minecraft mishap is what got me, along with getting out my seasonal decor, excited about creating again. Weird right?

I was scrolling through Pinterest and found a wall sign that used a wreath for a pumpkin. Last Summer, I found at least 20 small wreaths for super cheap on Facebook Marketplace. My intention was to create wreaths and sell them. Well, life happened and I didn’t get around to it. But that’s besides the point.

I knew I had those wreaths and while searching for those I also found a wooden plaque I’ve had sitting around. With the wreaths was also my fall crafting supplies. So I gathered all I thought I’d need and began the project.

What I had:
Grapevine Wreath
Wooden Plaque
Fall Leaves
Brown Paint
White Paint
Glitter Gold Paint
4 Jenga Pieces
Hot Glue Sticks

Hot Glue Gun
Fall Ribbon
Paint Brush

I started with painting the plaque a light brown. Once that was dry I painted over top of the brown with some white. I wanted the brown to pop through some so I didn’t do the white very heavy.

Once the paint was dry I glued the wreath to the plaque and added some touches of the gold glitter paint. While that was drying I painted the Dollar Store Jenga pieces the same light brown. Those eventually became the stem and once those pieces were glued down I started placing some fall leaves around the stem. And for the last touch I cut a few pieces of fall wired ribbon and wrapped them together with twine. I cut the edges of the ribbon to get them a little more clean look.

Though this was such a simple project, it brought me so much joy to create it. I’d love to hear what you have done recently that has brought you joy!

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